Snorkel Videos

Sea Turtle, Trumpet Fish & Hawaiian Sergeants

Video taken on a tour with Molokai Fish and Dive. Although footage is taken from a Scuba Diver’s perspective, this video shows some of the wildlife that we often encounter.

On this tour we ran into a green sea turtle,a trumpet fish, Manini (Convict Tangs), and a school of Hawaiian Sergeants. Please enjoy viewing a sneak peak of who you might meet while snorkeling on Molokai’s untouched reef.

Dolphins Following The Boat

Here are a few brief clips of a pod of dolphins that sometimes accompany our snorkel and dive tours. Although we don’t always meet them, it sure is a treat when we do!

If you can gear-up fast enough, we will even stop the boat and give you a chance to swim with them. What amazing creatures they are!